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Yambo – The Sheena Amos Youth Trust

Support service for young people aged 12-19 who are affected by HIV. Young people can be HIV+ themselves or have a family member who is HIV+, and nobody has to disclose their own status unless they are happy to do so. The group meets every Friday from 4-6pm and offers social activities, support and information about a range of issues.

Supporting young carers in families with HIV (Booklet)

Professionals booklet including information on who young carers, impacts of caring, families with insecure immigration status, disclosure and confidentiality, and practical tips on how to offer support.

Film made by young people caring for parents affected by HIV and AIDS

A film made by young people with parents affected by HIV and Aids gives their moving accounts. These children wanted the world to know what it was like to live with a parent with HIV/Aids, and the 14-minute film they have made shows their reality.