Our Films

We Care, Do You?

Powerful yet uplifting documentary made by young carers aged 8-13 from across Sheffield.

SYC on BBC Look North

Thought-provoking film featuring young carer Archie and his dad Tom, who share their experiences of caring - and being cared for - with Phil Bodmer from BBC Look North.

I Am.....

Powerful short film made by young people aged 12-16 from Sheffield about what it means to them to be young carers.

Young Carers in Sheffield

Film made by young carers who are members of VOYCE PG, based in our partner organisation Chilypep.

Our Stories

Moving documentary made by young carers aged 13-21 about their experiences as carers and of their journeys creating a performance to get their voices heard.

SYC and SYEDA ‘29 Minute Meals’

Learn from young carers in Sheffield how to cook some tasty meals and keep safe in the kitchen. (This cookery show accompanies our '29 Minute Meals' cookbook available to buy from SYC).

‘Good Life’ and 'We Love to Care' - songs and videos

Moving song written by young carers aged 8-12 from Sheffield
Song written and recorded in partnership with Alex Oliver from Foxy Music and Josie Robson from Harmony Training. Video filmed and produced in partnership with Equal Voices Arts

SYC and Hybrid3 Storybombs 2016 and 2017

Listen to the amazing creations of young carers from SYC who worked with the brilliant Hybrid3 Studios to write and record the story, music and sound effects of three amazing 'storybombs!'