'Primary driver of change' for Sheffield's young carers

Last year we commissioned Ecorys to complete an evaluation of our work with young carers. We're pleased to be able to share the final report with you now, which highlights the value of our work and how we continue to have an impact on young carers' lives even after they leave our service.

Research activities included: reviewing case notes for a randomly selected sample of 55 young carers; consultations with six ex service-users; and a full cost-benefit analysis.

Ecorys' report concludes that:

  • SYC had a positive impact on young carers’ mental health,  their relationships with family and friends, and their attendance, behaviour and progress at school, college or work

  • SYC was the primary driver of change for young carers in many cases

  • For every £1 invested into the project, between £1.42 and £1.90 of benefits is estimated to be generated

We are delighted with the findings, which not only highlight the impact we are making as a young carers organisation but will also provide us with strong evidence to include in any future funding applications.