We Are

We are people just like you,

We’re introducing what young carers do,

We are always there,

Whenever they need care,

We are cleaners, cookers, shoppers,

Child entertainers and parent brainers,

We are responsible and reliable,

Thoughtful and dependable,

We remember to give them their meds,

Whilst we wash the clothes and clean the beds.

We are good listeners and patient,

Busy, helpful and organised,

We are strong, willing and independent,

But often go unrecognised,

We are tired and worried, desperate for support,

We are stretched and challenged much more than we ought,

Our days are full, minds preoccupied,

But you can help, just be on our side!

We are trustworthy and passionate about what we do,

We are a team and need support from you.

We are young but mature,

We are young carers.

Written by SYC young adult carers aged 16-25, October 2015