I Come From

I come from the dull British weather and hot Sunday dinners,

from comfy pajama days curled up with Adam Sandler.

I come from scary thoughts and fights outside, from arguments

everyday and no smiles. I come from being in a foster home

but still call my old house home. I come from a world

with judging people, different people and similar people.

I come from a family with love, from broken bones to broken hearts.

I come from being a baby with laugher, joy and wonder,

from waking up to six important people in my life, to then only one.

I come from a world without voices except the one inside my head.

I come from my childhood being amazing to the start of my teens

being a disaster. I come from a family that loved me.

I come from a place I call home.

Written by Elicia, age 14, as part of Youth Word Up 2017