Jenny, 12 years old

I started to care for my mum when I was five years old (ish). She needs help due to multiple spinal problems, including slipped discs. This affects her ability to bend and carry heavy weights. I do the washing, lifting, cooking and sometimes I help her put socks or shoes on. It is hard for me because I am an only child and I only have my dad to help with caring for my mum.

Compared to those who don’t have caring roles, I hardly get breaks away from my caring and hardly get out at weekends. A highlight for me about my caring role is that I get to spend time with those I care for. However, a low is that I don’t have a high social status with friends.

Before I joined Action Group I had support through SYC groups and 121 sessions. I joined Action Group because I want to help and support other young carers and gain confidence. From the group I have made new friends for life and helped make change for others. I’m most proud of us getting to meet Theresa May because it could make lots of changes for the better in future life.