Local and national legislation and strategy

In April 2015, the Children and Families Act 2014 and the Care Act 2014 came into force and give young carers the right to an assessment for the first time, placing new duties on agencies to be offering these assessments.

To respond to the changes in legislation, a new Young Carers Assessment has been developed in Sheffield. The assessment is an accessible and useful tool providing a guided conversation to inform your own work with the young carer and their family, involving other services where appropriate (with the young person’s knowledge/consent).

This assessment should now be offered by any professional who identifies or is working with an identified young carer. If an assessment has already been completed by another agency (e.g. MAST), it would be useful for you to request a copy to increase your understanding about their caring role and the impacts this has on them.

For more information and to download the assessment guidance notes and booklet, click here.

A new national strategy for carers is currently being developed and should be completed this by the end this year. Sheffield also has its own ‘Young Carer, Parent Carer and Adult Carer Strategy’ which identifies priorities for the city and how we can work together to improve the lives of young carers.

A range of city-wide strategic groups operate to drive the strategy forward and increase and embed support for young carers in services across Sheffield.

 Strategy and subgroups

Strategy and subgroups

If you would like to join one of these boards, please contact us for more information.