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Sheffield Young Carers is an independent charity that has existed in Sheffield since 1997. We are dedicated to supporting young carers across the city.

We believe it is a right of every young carer to be recognised in their role and to have the same opportunities and life chances as other children and young people of a similar age.

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Latest News

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    Ending on a high with VOYCE

    On 30 April 2016 we bid a very fond farewell to our lovely VOYCE team. Staff members Kath Fitzpatrick, Ruth Lawson and Louise Wright h...

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    Dave walks length of Greek island for SYC

    We may have found our most committed supporter yet! On Friday 29th April, Dave Richardson strapped on a 50lb backpack and set off on a ...

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    Incredible people caring for carers

    As part of Carers Week 2016, SYC nominated five organisations and supporters from across Sheffield for 'Caring for Carers' Awards, to ...

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