Ben, 16 years old

I started caring for my mum when I was about 8 years old. She needs my help to look after my little brothers and sister and she also needs my help in lifting, cooking, cleaning, shopping, lots of things. I also care for my brother as he has cancer. I help him to feel better about himself and I play games with him. This affects both my mum and brother in a good way and it eases off their stress and anxiety. I don’t get to go out with friends as much due to stress and school work builds up.

My life is different to young people who aren’t carers because I have a lot more responsibility and stress on my shoulders. The highs of being a carer are that I feel good about what I’ve done while lows are that I have stress, anxiety and less time.

Before joining the Action Group at SYC I had no help but groups gave me a break from my caring. I joined the Action Group because I wanted to build my skills and confidence. I have increased my skills and confidence and got a break and made new friends. Of everything we’ve done, I am most proud of making people happy.