SYC's Big Bounce

Bouncing around, wondering what to do with all that pent up energy?   Sign up to SYC's Big Bounce today!

To mark Carers Week 2018 (11-17 June), we're challenging people from all over Sheffield to take to their nearest trampoline or bouncy castle to set a personal best for Sheffield Young Carers. 

You might want to see how many bounces you can squeeze into a minute or find out how high you can jump. Or - for those filled with fear at the very thought of a trampoline - how about one of our bouncy ball challenges instead? Working as a team, how long can you pass and catch a ball for without dropping it? Or how many times can you bounce a ball off a wall and catch it in a minute?

What comes next?

When you've chosen your (bouncy) activity and where necessary picked your team, use our simple form below to register your interest and request a copy of our Big Bounce sponsor form. Alternatively, you might prefer to set up your own online fundraising page on Justgiving or Virgin Money Giving - just let us know on your form and we'll send you some information about that too. 

Every penny you raise will help us to continue supporting young carers of all ages, from all over Sheffield. So what are you waiting for?

Sign yourself up today!

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